It is recommended to sing the Diqee 760 (classic version) intelligent sweeping robot

Date: 2016-06-23 Hits: 4430
From 2006 to the present, China's sweeping robot industry has been showing a rapid development trend. From the bulky crash generation to the present, the sweeping robot has basically been able to complete the work of the vacuum cleaner + broom, and the price is more than the national generally acceptable thousand dollars price. Diqee's new 760 (classic version) smart sweeping robots this year to achieve a sweeping one, a multi-purpose functional changes for the new era of "lazy" who provide a quick and efficient ground cleaning services.
    From the appearance point of view, just like a noble and low-key introverted knight. Champagne gold embedded in the deep black shell, it is so noble. ESCC embedded touch panel, waterproof power switch device is particularly intimate, to ensure the appearance of fashion and practical at the same time, the maximum extent to avoid the security risks. 760 (classic version) using HSIR + multi-point matrix intelligent system, according to the results of ultrasonic detection feedback operation, can calculate 132 times per second, rapid analysis and judgment of the ground and dust, the system planning walking routes, to avoid random walk Ills. Lifting floating cleaning system is its main features, encountered bump surface can automatically lift, tightly fit the ground cleaning, to strengthen the deep dust and large particles of garbage clean up the ability to use the bottom of the soft rubber material floating roller can be in the Complete the cleaning task while protecting the home floor.
1, suction mouth cleaning hair selection
760 (classic version) is a floating suction mouth cleaning system, hair particles for a very good cleaning effect. If it is roller brush, then hair too much roller brush will all the hair rolled into the brush, clean up very inconvenient.

2, large water tank wet and dry use
 760 (classic version) has a large capacity of 180ML water tank, four injection holes slowly balanced water seepage, so that the mop to keep wet before dry, remove stubborn stains while maintaining the ground dry, 90 minutes of continuous water supply can be more than 120 square meters No pressure. The water slowly penetrates the cloth cleaning layer, the mop is wet before the dry state, in the fuselage gravity to remove the ground stubborn stains while maintaining the ground clean.

3, five kinds of cleaning mode heart change
760 (classic version) with Tian farming, planning, focus, Yanbian and intelligent cleaning 5 kinds of cleaning mode can be used for different environments different floors, the heart to switch to clean the coverage. 760 (classic version) sweeping machine in the run-time noise is very low, decibel value will not exceed 60 decibels, will not have an impact on our lives. So do not worry that he will disturb you at work time.

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