Upgrade life taste home sweeping machine suction sweep three in one

Date: 2016-06-23 Hits: 5232
In recent years, the emergence of intelligent products can be described as the promotion of the quality of life of each family, to take the sweeping robot, 2016 Taiwan Diqee (Qiqi smart) began to enter the mainland market; 2016, the domestic sweeping robot market booming Development, a variety of models of brand sweeping machine Renjun choice, as the forefront of the industry one of the three giants. For consumers, sweeping robots is not only an intelligent cleaning tool, but also can bring more fun and color to their lives. Sweep robots are now well known, but at least 10 families have been used. This is just a few years time there is such a result. You can see the consumer for the sweeping robot favorite level. But the light like is useless, like mobile phones like swept the robot brand is a lot.
           Why not in a already hot area continue to force, but to work hard to spread a few people riding a new field? "Smart Sweep Robot has become a relatively mature, explosive growth of emerging products, but in fact, sweeping robots can not do a lot of". In fact, the usual network, consumers are quite sure about the sweeping robot at the same time, there are many views exist:
           Work noise a little bit big, watching TV, long-range dialogue will be affected, do not use when sleeping; can sweep the home everywhere clean no dust, but unfortunately the liquid stains, footprints can not be very good To remove; in the table legs leg legs of the horns of the hula can really go in the sweep, but after the sweep out will be more difficult. With more clear demand, we found that sweeping robots, which may have been able to replace the broom, did not completely solve our sweeping problems, and we needed to be able to replace the mop, more compact, and less intelligent, Appear for us to save a lot of mopping time, the real liberation of both hands.
           From the current situation has been exposed, 360 camera version is a professional level of intelligent mopping the robot, with the past is only a small mo with the sweeping machine is essentially different, it is focused on mopping the function, professional wet and dry cleaning Mop, imitation artificial kneeling wipe, by increasing the recoil to all the propulsion force from the two power wheel to the professional cleaning cloth, easy to achieve a truly clean deep ground cleaning effect.
           In addition, 360 camera version of the main highlight of the intelligent mopping machine is to use imitation satellite three-point positioning indoor GPS navigation technology, APM scan map planning, which means that the 360 camera version will be more than any sweeping robot are obedient, dry wipe mode Straight forward, full coverage of all cleaning areas, wet wipe mode repeatedly "left forward - back - right forward - back" so that a unique Y-type movement, a thorough drag once will continue Walk forward work. 7.5cm height, 28cm length to become the 360 camera version of the complex home environment in the best access to the best weapons, than the sweeping robot half of the volume so that the 360 version of the camera version does not occur into the table by the foot of the foot To the predicament.
           It is said that this smart drag the robot there are breakpoints, intelligent error correction and other exciting features. For many housewives OR cook husband, sweeping the floor is also a trouble, especially want to clean every corner of the family is not an easy thing. Want to buy sweeping robots, but feel too worthwhile there are wood? After all, sweep the robot is mainly for the hair, dust, small particles of garbage, stubborn stains clean effect is not in place, it will lead to sweep after the need to manually drag again again. Although the market also has a sweep of the robot, but the tattoo function of the individual feeling on the tasteless some, not as equipped with a dragged robot to solve the worries, to enhance the level of life taste home sweeping machine suction drag three.
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